Get in the game.

A little bit of coaching can make a huge difference in the lives of Philadelphia youth. Graduation. College. Careers.

Become a Graduation Coach and ensure that the young people in your life are on the road to educational and career success.

You can be a parent, a neighbor, a teacher, a friend. All you need is the passion to help students realize their potential and the commitment to follow through.

Graduation Coaches are ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

All Graduation Coaches pledge to:

  1. Engage in Key Conversations with young people about staying on track through high school graduation, college enrollment, and beyond.
  2. Help youth build on their key strengths and further develop their key skills.
  3. Revisit this website regularly for new resources and information.
  4. Recruit other coaches to join our winning team — a network of coaches across the city who are all working together to win the future for our city and its youth.