Practice makes perfect.

Knowing how to bring out the best in students is essential. That’s why The Playbook exists. Developed by current Philadelphia Graduation Coaches as well as the Mayor’s Office of Education, The Playbook includes strategies, supports, motivations and conversations to have with youth of any age. Use it to coach them through high school and college and to keep them on track to success.

All coaches who attend a GCC Training Camp receive a hard copy of The Playbook.

View the Playbook online.

Can’t make it to a Training Camp? Click the link below to view or download a digital copy of our Playbook.

Please feel free to utilize and share any information you find in the Playbook; however, if you replicate or copy sections, we ask that you credit the Graduation Coach Campaign.  If you have further questions on how to do this please email us at

The Playbook

The Playbook (Spanish Version)