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Ways to Apply Liquid Eyeliner Like a Pro

Do you love the look of liquid eyeliner but have trouble applying it like a pro? Liquid liner can give your eyes a dramatic and feline appearance, but it can be tricky to apply. Luckily, a few tips and tricks can help make the application easier. We’ll share some of our favorite tips for applying liquid liner like a pro in this post. Then, keep reading to learn more!

How do you apply liquid eyeliner naturally?

There is no need to feel intimidated by liquid eyeliner. You can apply it flawlessly and naturally with the right tools and techniques. We will cover the basics of applying a liquid liner for a natural look. We will also recommend some products that will help make the process easier. So, if you are curious about adding this daring beauty staple to your routine, keep reading!

Liquid eyeliner is a great way to add drama and definition to your eyes. Here are four ways to apply it like a pro:

  • Use a thin line on the top lid, starting from the inner corner and extending towards the outer corner.
  • For a more dramatic look, use a thicker line on the upper lid and extend it outwards in a cat-eye shape.
  • Apply liquid liner along your lower lash line, starting from the inner corner and moving towards the outer corner. This will help make your eyes appear wider and more awake.
  • To create an extra pop of color, try using a different shade of liquid liner on your lower lash line than you do on your upper lid.

way to apply liquid eyeliner

Do you put liquid eyeliner on before or after eyeshadow?

There are many conflicting opinions on the best way to apply liquid eyeliner. For example, do you put it on before or after eyeshadow? Some people say that putting liner on first helps define your eyes and makes the shadow look more pronounced. Others argue that it’s easier to achieve a precise line if you do the liner last. So, what’s the right way to do it? As with most things in life, it all comes down to personal preference. Try ways and see which one works better for you.

Some people put liquid eyeliner on before eyeshadow, and some people put it on after. I usually put it on after because it’s a little bit harder to do if you put it on before. Plus, I like the way it looks when the eyeliner is a little bit smudged at the end. But either way is fine; it just depends on what you’re comfortable with.

In general, I would recommend putting foundation or concealer on first and then doing your eyeshadow and eyeliner. That will help everything stay in place better. But again, everyone is different, so do what work best for you! 🙂

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